elk investment

Any investment vehicle that Elk Invest (including via its appropriately licensed and authorised persons) recommends have been selected on, and checked against benchmarks we set. These benchmarks comprise a stringent series of fundamentals and criteria designed to provide you with a sound investment.

Elk Invest Direct Residential Property Asset

Fundamentals and Criteria

  • Value for bank/lender mortgage purposes (is the valuation acceptable to the bank/lender, and within their acceptable parameters
  • New (tax minimisation advantages that provide tax savings – if applicable to, and available to your circumstances – are driven to a degree by the often significant depreciation benefits provided via new residential dwellings
  • Land and Construction (provides savings on Stamp – Transfer Duty) Construction to be undertaken by Elk Invest approved Panel Builder. Tertiary to this primary benchmark is both newly constructed and near new, completed “house and land” properties
  • 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Double Lock up Garage (primary). Any property investment vehicle tertiary to this is only considered an on exception basis and subject to specific due diligence
  • Rental Yield (4.5% – 5% and above, rental yield brand preference)
  • 30 minutes of a major capital city and part thereof, or in very close proximity to satellite cities / major regional centres
  • Infrastructure: current & planned, and public versus private
  • Demographic Profile (income bands of people in locations, Employment type, age, socio-economic status)
  • Growth
  • Continue and sustained growth over the medium and long term Driven by population growth and demand which in turn is driven by continued infrastructure implementation and development
  • Green space (significant englobo land) past (i.e further afield) from major capital city as compared to the vehicle location to allow for Continued development to occur past where the vehicle is located
  • Balanced investment vehicle providing the correct combination of rental yield / income, tax savings and growth

Elk Invest benefits:

  • We maximise cash and term deposit rates
  • We reduce fund leakages by securing better rates from and put your money to better us
  • We provide diversification through the use of different product and providers on our panel
  • We monitor the cash position of your fund
  • We enhance operational “safety”
  • We provide flexibility and transparency
  • We provide a stable platform for quality asset origination


  • Direct Residential Property
  • Funds & Investment Management
  • Term Deposits & Fixed Investments
  • Investments & Superannuation Platform

Elk Invest believe that direct investments can offer excellent risk adverse returns, taxation and portfolio benefits that provide opportunities not available in other markets. Elk Invest has access to satisfactory, appropriate, balanced investment vehicle assets – in the form of direct residential property assets, as well as investment evaluation expertise and processes to consider specific opportunities and to advise on how they can be included in a portfolio and overall financial structure and strategy.