These Gold Coast suburbs show over 400% price growth over the past 20 years

When good properties in solid growth suburbs are chosen well, the returns can be very satisfying. 

Ten sought after Gold Coast suburbs have put up impressive growth over the past 20 years since 1996, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin. Each grew in average price over 400%!

Here they are-

Suburb                  20-yr Price Change     Price Growth 1996 – 2016
1 )  Mermaid Beach          480%               from $250K to $1.21 million
2 )  Coolangatta               465%               from $162.5K to $756K
3 )  Miami                       461%               from $140K to $645K
4 )  Paradise Point            461%               from  $195K to $900K
5 )  Palm Beach                456%               from  $148K to $675K
6 )  Currumbin                 433%               from  $180K to $780K
7 )  Hope Island               427%               from  $145K to $620K
8 )  Burleigh Waters          425%               from  $161.5K to $687K
9 )  Burleigh Heads           424%               from  $161.5K to $685K
10 ) Mermaid Waters         411%               from  $185K to $760K

Over the long term, average property investments return around  8% annually. 
Not every year is going to be the same, but real estate is a slow and steadyway to invest. 

If you bought and held in these suburbs, you’d be a very happy camper!

Calculating the average annual growth rate, at the top Mermaid Beach achieved 8.2% per year!
Mermaid Waters, at the bottom yet still a winner, grew 7.3% annually on average. 

Whether it’s your residence or an investment property, real estate can be a great way to grow your wealth. There are times, though, when the market is up and down- especially in the Gold Coast.

It is seen as a luxury or holiday property region where development rises greatly in hot markets as house prices expand quickly. 

But it’s “time in the market, not timing the market” that makes owners wealthy. 

As dear as they are now, in another 20 years from now, what will the prices be? 

You can stick with these solid suburbs, or maybe look at suburbs a few steps away for an easier entry price.

Still, check on their long-term average growth rates. They may be cheaper for a reason. 

First and foremost, you want secure and steady investments so you can plan for the future.

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