Investment Management

Funds & Investment Management

Any investment vehicle that elk invest recommends have been selected on, and checked against benchmarks we set. These benchmarks comprise a stringent series of fundamentals and criteria designed to provide you with a sound investment.

We provide quality investment products, financial advice, and corporate services to individuals, families, financial advisors and organisations. Clients can access elkcorp and approved third party products and services through our financial advisor network, our advisor & representative footprint or directly from us.

elkcorp’s investment approach is based on our conviction that we can combine our information and insights, our proprietary technology, our business model of information sharing and focus on risk management into an ability to deliver performance in all market environments. elkcorp is about an active management approach seeking to outperform.

Australia has one of the most complex financial systems in the world. Our people want to help our customers navigate these complexities through intelligent but easy to use products.

Investment & Superannuation Platform

You retain control over where your money is invested, and with your financial advisor, you can create the financial strategy that is best suited to your financial needs and goals.

elk invest is elkcorp’s investment & superannuation platform provider offered to investors who wish to maximize their investment resources to achieve their future goals and want a single interface offering simplicity of investment placement and ready access to the status of their account and the underlying assets via digital delivery (the internet).

We want to:

  • Help our investors take control of their Superannuation
  • Show our investors how they can build wealth and secure their financial future
  • Earn the trust and confidence of our investors and financial advisors by delivering products and service that make it easier to invest
  • Help our investors become better investors

We invest in all major asset classes, including Australian and global shares, fixed income and property in a prudent and disciplined manner according to our long-standing investment principles and philosophy. We make active investment decisions based on our intensive analysis of an investment’s quality, value and risk.